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How much do Freelance Writers Make in 2023?

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By Faraz Ahmed

Updated on: Aug 19, 2022

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In today’s era, people are willing to earn money in a much more flexible way, and freelancing writing is one of them. As a writer, you’ll be curious to know how much freelance writers make in their careers.

Well, it depends on your experience, which category of writing you’re working on, and the platform.

Moreover, freelance writers are mainly found in the USA, UK, Nigeria, Pakistan, Australia, and Canada, where writers demand kind ransom money for a single blog. However, they all started from zero.

This article will guide you about top freelance platforms, websites, and niches for writing. Without further ado, let’s leapfrog into it.

How much do freelance writers charge?

Alex Fasulo made $378,000 in a year from Fiverr as an eBook and ghostwriter. She left his local job for freelancing and making millions now. As a writer, you’ll need to focus on parameters such as grammar, story making, and many other things to consider.

Freelance content writers charge $15 to $50 per hour on Upwork. However, it depends on the niches, content, and other criteria. You can prefer to charge by per word, project, or hourly.

Furthermore, 10% of the US top-rated copywriters make more than $121,000 and $58 per hour. Although, it takes time to be a scrupulous writer in the market.

Moreover, you also need to choose a reliable platform to start hunting clients for your service. Here are a couple of sites to find potential freelance clients.

1.    Upwork

Upwork is currently the biggest freelance platform, where writers from all over the world are working. People usually charge $15 per hour on Upwork as a writer, although you can raise your rates after your profile becomes stable.

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2.    Fiverr

Fiverr is the home for copywriters because the niche is quite saturated. It won’t be easy to find clients on Fiverr as a blogger, although if you are starting as a copywriter, it is a great website to start your freelance journey.

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At last, we have, where professional clients, organizations, and businesses are looking to hire freelance writers. It’s an Australian website that was started in 2009. There are thousands of writing jobs posted for beginners and experts on which you apply.

High Paying Freelance Writing Niches

If you are a beginner freelance and looking to earn through writing, here are the top freelance niches that can become a lucrative business.


Copywriting is a board writing niche; it has several categories, such as sales copy, landing pages, website copywriting, social media captions, etc., which all pay well. Although, you’ll need to learn about human psychology.

Sale and landing page copywriting must be compelling and captivating for the reader. More than 131,200 employees are working in copywriting in the USA. Copywriting is not everyone’s game; you’ll need a firm grip on selling tactics.

E-Book Writing

It’s a sub-category of content writing. The E-books are ship-shaped content; it is like blog post, which contains all the indispensable information about the topic. You can also write e-books for yourself or clients.

E-Books are mainly used for business purposes to generate leads. Writers charge approximately $1000 to $2000 per E-Book; thus, this is a top-paying freelance writing niche in which you start learning and working on different platforms.

Blog Post Writing

This niche is perfect for you if you are good at making attention-grabbing storylines. Blog Post Writing is one of the most famous and high-paying gigs on every platform. Writers like Alexandra Fasulo charge $1,000 per 10,000 words. However, she is an experienced and famous writer currently.

Besides this, you can also learn SEO (Search Engine Optimization), which is necessary to rank your blogs on Google. It will make you stand out in the market. You’ll need to learn keyword insertion and blog optimization.

The best of being a blogger is that it’s a never-ending business. Clients often hire bloggers on a monthly or weekly basis. Or you can also prefer to work on hourly payments.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is the sub-category of copywriting. It might sound easy, but it isn’t. You will need a firm grip on copywriting formulas and their principles.

You will have to grab readers’ attention and pursue them to buy your client’s product or service through an email.

Clients will hire for your email campaign for their business. To earn well as an email marketer, you’ll need to generate leads for clients and get good email open rates. Moreover, email newsletters are also in demand nowadays, so you could also be working for clients in this niche.

According to Statista, there will be 376.4 billion emails sent by 2025.

Video Script Writing

We all watch YouTube videos, most of which hold our attention and tempt us to watch till the end. Well, that’s the script that drives us to do it.

YouTubers or businesses hire content writers to write scripts for them. It is one of the high-paying niches where you can make a loaded boat of money.

Book Writing

We have another profitable niche, which pays you a lot. Although, it’s usually ghost book writing, where all the credits go to the client or business. Your name isn’t published in the book.

Moreover, clients who often don’t have any idea about writing or anything related to books hire freelance writers to write one for them for a king ransom amount. Most ghostwriters earn more than $4 per word, depending on the work.

White Paper

At last, we have a white paper, which is generally like an E-Book. It involves technical information about the client’s products and the solution to the problem. It can be long as 10 to 12 pages in general.

Although, you’ll need strong research skills to write a white paper, it can pay you much for a single white paper.

Top platforms for Freelance Writing

1.    Medium

If you are a beginner freelance writer, is one of the best sites for writing blogs and showcasing your portfolio to different clients. It has the sleekest interface. You can build a writing portfolio on Medium. There are over 60 million monthly visitors on the site, so you can get a lot of audience on your blogs and get notified with some potential clients.  

You can also create your custom and design profile on Medium. So, if you want to create a writing portfolio, Medium is a great option.

2.    Wix

Creating a blogging site is a lot of work, but Wix makes it easy. You can create your customized profile with the provided templates and do blogging there. Wix provides you an excellent opportunity for writers to publish their professional-looking portfolios.

Wix offers you a free and paid version. The paid version will allow you to create your custom domain, although the free version doesn’t support that.

3.    LinkedIn

LinkedIn is getting quite popular in freelancing, gaining popularity among businesses. If you have an account on LinkedIn, it’s an excellent way to start publishing your blogs; it will help you get potential clients from different regions.

LinkedIn has over 830 million users; it is a golden opportunity for you to make yourself stand out and get noticed by high-paying clients. Six individuals are offered jobs on LinkedIn every minute. Well, you can be one of them, as well.

4.    Blogger

At last, we have the oldest blogging website, “Blogger”, where you can select random themes and colors and create your writing portfolio. It’s just like other writing platforms. Although, it is free, and you can start working on this site as a beginner freelance writer.

Is freelance Writing a good choice?

Yes, freelance writing is one of the best niches; you can opt to work and earn money online. You don’t have to learn any technical skills for writing; all you need is to practice, read, and start writing daily.

Did you know 24% of 89% of freelance writers in the USA make more than $50,000 a year?

Moreover, writing can make your financial needs stable. It requires passion and dedication to become a writer. It might seem boring sometimes, although it is one of the flexible skills you can start practicing today.

Furthermore, writing is the last choice most people make as they can’t find anything related to their interests.


Most freelance writers make millions from their blogs and work on suitable platforms such as Upwork and Fiverr. Although, you still need to be consistent in this niche to earn a lucrative amount.

We have described the top niches to earn as a writer and mentioned the platforms where you can begin your freelance writing journey. In the end,

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