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How to Make Upwork Profile Attractive – Get More Clients

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By Faraz Ahmed

Updated on: Dec 18, 2022

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Are you working on Upwork and not making an impact on clients? Did you apply with an excellent cover letter, but clients aren’t responding? I did the same until I figured out that the problem was with my Upwork Profile.

After working for more than 2-years on Upwork, I realized your profile plays a significant role on Upwork. Moreover, it is a professional and one of the biggest freelance platforms, where millions of individuals hunt (more than 59 million freelancers from America) for opportunities on daily basis.

Also, you should be able to pitch clients with a cover letter, which defines you and your skills.  

We will cover how to make your Upwork profile attractive and better; make sure you read till the end to understand the topic perfectly.

Profile Image

As mentioned, Upwork is a professional platform, not a dating site. So, a decent and professional profile picture represents you a lot. Moreover, it’s not overwhelming to take a simple-looking picture. You don’t need any DSLR or an expensive phone to take an image.

Just turn on your front camera and flash, then put on a simple smile and click a picture. Upwork will warn you if your profile picture isn’t according to their policies.

Profile Headline

Profile headline is like email subject line. It should be concise and elaborate your skills ideally. It should speak directly about your expertise to your clients. Also, put insightful keywords in your profile headline to make it stand out to others.

Do you know what makes your profile look stand out? It’s the headline. It’s the first impression of your profile that the client sees. Let’s check out some examples of Upwork Profile.

Title for Upwork Profile: Examples

  1. Experienced Content Writer
  2. Sales Copywriter – Blog Article Writer
  3. Expert in Lead Generation | Data Entry
  4. Experienced Direct Sale Copywriter – Generated 20x Leads for XYZ Company

Here are some examples which are perfectly written:

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Article Image
Upwork Profile Headline Example

Description of the Profile (Bio)

Right after your profile headline, your bio shows up. It should explain how you can help clients and why you are a better choice than others.

What most freelancers do is make their descriptions a whole article. Clients often don’t have enough time to read your entire bio. So, make it precise and short, which is good to read and easy to understand.

Furthermore, to make your Upwork profile description attractive, you should focus on and mention the following:

  • Your skills and why they should hire you.
  • Showcase your services.  
  • Developed Expertise.
  • You can also add testimonials from your past clients.

Let’s check these two lines from my fellow writer’s Upwork profile bio:

“Do you want the maximum outcome from your blog website? Are you looking for someone who can pull off the load on your shoulders? Then, you have visited the right profile!”

See, he has written a perfect and engaging start to his bio. The bio is directly speaking to the client.

Testimonials Are Crucial

As we have already mentioned about testimonials above, you need to ask your clients to give you reviews about your work. Upwork allows you to request your off-side clients for a review, which will be featured on your profile.

All you need is your client’s LinkedIn profile link, first & last name, and business email address. After requesting, your client will receive an email from Upwork, where they will submit a review.

I know it’s pretty hard to nut crack in getting your first job on Upwork. These testimonials displayed on your profile play a vital role in getting your first client on Upwork and making your profile attractive.  

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Moreover, if you are able to land your first client on Upwork, make sure you work with perseverance and dedication. Your first review will be necessary for your profile overview. When I discussed this with some of my clients, most said they looked at the overall ratings and then took the next step.

Add Skills to Standout

You can add up to 15 skills to your Upwork Profile. Don’t add irrelevant skills in this section. You can place them accordingly. Here is an example of skills from:

I haven’t added any irrelevant skills to my profile. It also gives you a search bar to enter your relevant skill sets and add them to your profile. Upwork also suggests your skills according to your profile.

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Portfolio Section to Display Your Work

Portfolio Section is vital to make your Upwork profile attractive. As a client, I check freelancers’ portfolios before hiring them for my work. Thus, the portfolio is indispensable for your profile to stand out among others.

If you are a writer, I suggest you select the “Classic” template for your Upwork portfolio, as it will showcase your writing more open to clients. You also add a relevant cover photo to your portfolio. Make sure you keep on updating your portfolio section.

Furthermore, there are other templates, such as Gallery and Case Study. Most of the graphic designers and video editors on Upwork prefer Gallery as their template, as it displays images and video work of freelancers.

Specialized Profiles

You can add a separate profile on Upwork of your desired niche, where you can write about your other skills related to your niche. If you have more than one skill set, you can easily create a specialized profile on Upwork, which boosts your profile ranking and reliability.

For example, if you are a Content Writer with expertise in SEO, you can create a specialized profile. It won’t increase your profile completion rate but will help you appear on search results. You can add a bio and skillsets to your specialized profile, just like your general one.

Pro Tips to Win Jobs on Upwork

Upwork nowadays has become overwhelming, especially for newbies who have just entered the platform. Although, if you apply with a real proposal, your chances would be much higher in getting hired. Read this guide if you don’t know how to write an Upwork cover letter.

However, applying with a solid cover letter isn’t everything. Here are several tips which can make you win more jobs at Upwork:

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Update Your Profile Regularly

Have you created your profile, filled in the bio, etc.? Don’t just leave it like that. Make sure you update your profile regularly if you are not getting results. I wasn’t getting any profile views or invites until I updated my profile title. I changed the title after navigating my skills. After that, I had 13 profile views, and 3 invites in a SINGLE DAY!

Improve Soft Skills

Soft skills are also important, which can win you more jobs on Upwork. Between two people of the same skillset, one who masters soft skills will end up winning high-value clients and projects. Here are some of the soft skills you should work on:

  • Communication Skills
  • Practicing your skills
  • Time Management
  • Teamwork
  • Creative Thinking

Build a Portfolio

You can build your free portfolio on websites such as Behance or you can get a professional portfolio website to stand out in the crowd. You can’t win jobs without a good-looking portfolio as a freelancer. A portfolio represents your expertise in your skills.  

Apply With Relevant Samples

When a client posts a job on Upwork, make sure you add relevant samples at the end of the cover letter. It will increase your chances of winning Upwork jobs. Suppose you are a graphic designer and see a job related to your expertise. If it says something like “Logo Designer Required,” you can upload some of your best logo designs to increase your chances of winning the job.


Upwork is a vast platform where clients post opportunities every day. However, starting Upwork might be difficult if you have no experience working as a freelancer. We prefer you to work for local clients, then move towards this platform.  

We have described how to make the Upwork profile attractive and optimize it for better opportunities. Read more articles at!

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